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Kim Mosley's Art

Normally I work in relative solitude and then have an exhibit and a few people come up to me and say that they like what I have done and then a reviewer might write something, usually based on what I have said in a statement or what other reviewers have written about me, and then a few pieces might sell, forcing me to either give away the rest of the show or store the work at a cost, per my actuarial lifetime, of between 100 dollars per square foot. The audience is generally excluded from the creative process and has little access to what the work is about.

Since the taxpayers (local, state, federal) are paying me this summer (and next) to explore digital photography (see report), I thought that they should have a window into my process. Therefore I set up a listserv or mailing list to notify people of new work that I've posted on the Web, and to ask for comments about what they see. Someone asked that I comment on the work, so I decided (against the better judgement of my son who wants me to remain mysterious) to do so.

So far I have an audience of 60+ people, and I am aiming for 1000. The audience will receive not more than one email a day. They will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

For example, someone commented (actually not on the mailing list) that my figures were me but not real. I would quit making art in a second if I thought that my figures weren't real. They embody various emotions that we all experience. Sometimes what we "see" is not more than a shell covering up the truth.

In any case, thanks for your questions. If you still have more questions, please ask them. Please comment on the project itself below, and comment on the individual artworks on their pages.

Your comments are most welcome.

Kim Mosley, 5/27/03 (revised 6/21/03)

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